Objectives of the association

  • Regroup people affected by the cluster headache.
  • Create a community of mutual support between patients, families and other persons directly or indirectly affected by this disease.
  • Inform patients, the family entourage on this disease and inform the public that the disease is diagnosed and knowned better and better.
    In this context, providing general and / or specific information for Belgium.
  • Provide technical assistance and moral support to families facing this disease.
  • Give a better understanding and a better knowledge about the cluster headaches, informing and attracting the attention of the media, the government, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Contribute to the effort of medical research by improving care practices related to the cluster headaches.
  • Intervene with the government in the interests of patients
  • Inform GPs, ENT, ophthalmologists, dentists and more generally the medical corps, about the disease that is often wrong or too late diagnosed.