"Scientific Committee" project

Responsible : Philippe Lenders

OUCH Belgium has established a Scientific Committee which currently consists of:
two members of the association:
  • francineatsottiaux [dot] com (Francine Baitaille)
  • philippe [dot] lendersatgmail [dot] com (Philippe Lenders)
and four neurologists:
  • Dr. S. Sava
  • Dr. M. de Tourchaninoff
  • Professor J. Schoenen
  • Professor K. Paemeleire

We plan to continue to expand this committee in the near future (we are expecting other neurologists specializing in headache) and, who knows, to extend the Scientific Committee's competences to include pneumology, cardiology, etc.!

Goal 1 :

The validation of the texts of the website with scientific content.
This applies to all pages under the menu items "The disease" and "Treatments". The validated pages will be stamped with a "stamp".

Goal 2 :

Comparative study of the effectiveness of the O2UCH mask kit in the treatment of the clusterheadache attacks.
The final objective is to obtain the INAMI refund for this kit like for the current masks.

  • Step 1: Register the O2UCH mask kit to the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP).
    Done on decembre 24th 2017 under the deposit number 87367-01.
  • Step 2 : The neurologist will draft the study protocol.
  • Step 3 : OUCH Belgium will provide the kits needed for the study and will establish the overall budget necessary according to the study protocol.
  • Step 4 : OUCH Belgium will develop a crowdfunding project to raise the necessary funds.
  • Step 5 : Start of the study (date not yet defined).

Goal 3 : 

Incorporate the "on-demand oxygen valve system" into the Objective 2 study.
Contact the LINDE company that has this type of system. Indeed, the cost of a kit of this type is around 380 € and it would be interesting to see if they agree to join the study with their equipment.
This objective is therefore optional because we cannot invest in 20 kits of this type ourselves.

Goal 4 :

Follow up on the double-blind study on psilocybin that started in the USA.
Contact : Bob Wold, president of the association Clusterbuster.
Try to obtain the complete protocol for the Scientific Committee to monitor and report on it.