"Meeting days" project

Responsible : Claudine Leroy


In addition to the objective of patient exchange, a specific topic will be dedicated to each day.This subject will either be developed by an "expert patient" or by a specialist (neurologist).

A non-exhaustive list of topics will be proposed for voting via the site and the Facebook group.

The first topic was chosen by OUCH Belgium: the oxygen.
We will discuss about technical, medical and administrative data but also about suppliers and good practice.

This year, we are planning several meetings and alternating between the different locations provided by the LUSS:

  • Bruxelles : RUE VICTOR OUDART, 7 - 1030 SCHAERBEEK
  • Namur : Avenue Sergent Virthoff, 123 - 5000 NAMUR
  • Liège : RUE DE LA STATION, 48 - 4032 CHÊNÉE

If it is possible to find a location in the Charleroi region, we will not hesitate to schedule one or more meetings there as well.