Cluster headache

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Our 2nd mission: Supporting

We support patients and their families by providing both practical and moral support.

1. Practical support

For example :

  • How to optimise the treatment of an attack with oxygen therapy.
  • How and why to limit the use of injectable sumatriptan: advantages and disadvantages.

2. Moral support

No psychological support is provided for patients or their relatives.
In fact, no multidisciplinary care is provided for this disorder.

However, patients suffering from cluster headache have a risk of depression that is 5.6 times higher than the general population (1)
In addition, relatives are subject to significant psychological distress due to their inability to help the patient during an attack.

Meeting daysMeeting days:

While the association regularly offers ad hoc assistance (private meetings), it above all organises Meeting Days several times a year, which bring patients together and allow them to exchange and learn.

Support groups:
We have recently set up support groups for patients and their families.

(1) Cluster headache is associated with an increased risk of depression: A nationwide population-based cohort study