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The Cluster Headache : the most severe of all headaches!

Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience.

If you ask a cluster headache patient if they have had a worse experience, they will universally say they have not!
Women with cluster headache will tell you that an attack is worse than giving birth.
Therefore, you can imagine that these people give birth without anaesthesia one to eight times a day… sometimes more…

It’s just horrible …

Peter Goadsby, Professor of Clinical Neurology at the
University College London



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The 3rd edition of “International Classification of Headache Disorders” is published

The headache bibleThird edition: This 3rd edition, in English or German, is available on the website For those interested, the Cluster Headache is described here:

The Cluster Headache

The disease

The Cluster Headache is a relatively rare form of primary headache.

It manifests itself as extremely painful seizures, essentially periorbital (centred on and around the eye) on one side of the face, almost always the same.

We call it “suicidal headache“.

The treatments

  • Attack (pain) treatments
  • Drug-based prophylactic treatments
  • Non-drug prophylactic treatments
  • New prophylactic treatments
  • Invasive or surgical prophylactic treatments
  • Transitional treatment
  • Alternative treatments
  • Treatments for which studies are being carried out

The studies

Many studies exist.

We will include on this site studies concerning existing treatments as well as those in clinical trials that we follow.

It should be noted that we only select double-blind studies versus placebo.

The family

The partner, the parents, children, etc.

They are the forgotten ones of the disease.

Administrative procedures

Paperwork, refunds,…

Everything you need that no one or almost explains to you.

The association

Statutes, Members, Partners, Scientific Committee,…