Cluster headache

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Imitrex Vial

Partial doses of Imitrex?

Partial doses of Imitrex?

The whys and hows of partial injections of Imitrex SC


Treatment of cluster headache attacks with less than 6 mg subcutaneous sumatriptan
This study confirms that doses lower than 6 mg can be effective in the treatment of Cluster Headache attacks in a large majority of patients.
Moreover, at those dosages, the side effects disappear most of the time!

Why inject a partial dose of Imitrex?

Partial doses are injected for several reasons:

  • Your doctor advises you not to use this medication for cardiovascular reasons.
  • If you are under 18 years old or over 65 years old, normally Imitrex, while not being forbidden, is to be avoided

Ask your doctor, neurologist or cardiologist if you can use doses of 1/3 or 1/2.

  • You cannot cope with the side effects or react badly to them.
  • You are pregnant and wish to limit the risks although they are not strictly established.
  • You simply want to decrease the amount you are taking of this medication, which is also a good idea!

⇒ Try 1/2 doses and, if that works well, try using 1/3 during the next attack.

With partial doses of Imitrex SC, there are usually few, if any, side effects.


The effectiveness of the injection of a partial dose varies among patients. It may not be effective for you.

How do I inject a partial dose of Imitrex?

There is currently nothing in Belgium that allows it, unless it’s “DIY” made.

OUCH Belgium is currently investigating the possibility of compounding half-doses in hospital pharmacies. Indeed, it seems that hospital pharmacies are the only places able to prepare syringes containing 2 or 3 mg of sumatriptan under sterile conditions.

This preparation exists in Germany (3 mg in 1.5 ml of solution).

Partial doses of Imitrex: half dose

In the meantime, …

OUCH Belgium offers an alternative:

3D injector for injection of partial doses
The syringe mounted on the 3D injector

We have developed an injector adaptable for syringes which allows the precise injection of 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 of a dose: The Simple 3D Printed Injector Kit.

This injector is 3D printed using PLA and is very easy to use.

The model has been registered with BOIP
Registration number 88006-01.

Another advantage is that it also allows a complete injection. In fact, it is easy and significantly less painful to do the injection manually.


This kit is, currently, a unauthorised medical device [1]

Therefore, we cannot sell it or even give it away for the time being.


[1] Medical device: see the EMA website