Cluster headache

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Oxygen file

Oxygen file

A complete file on the treatment of the Cluster Headache attack by oxygen therapy.
The content of the file below has been validated by the scientific committee of OUCH Belgium.

The equipment :

Many doctors do not prescribe oxygen to their patients to stop the attacks, even though this is the preferred method according to the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.
44% of patients even had to suggest oxygen to their doctor; 50% of patients treated with oxygen were never trained to use it properly!

To be effective, oxygen therapy requires, in addition, the use of an efficient equipment allowing a 100% oxygen flow.
Unfortunately, this is not the case with the simple masks nor even with the high concentration masks provided in Belgium.

Good practices in video :

Our leaflet :

We have also created a 3 x A6 leaflet which we are attaching to our O2UCH kit.
It is a condensed version of the above (PDF) file. (only available in French and Dutch)

Dépliant issu du Dossier Oxygène - recto
Dépliant issu du Dossier Oxygène - verso

Oxygen toxicity :

A very complete document on the subject. (In French).
Rest assured, the use of 100% oxygen for the treatment of cluster headach attacks is nowhere near the toxicity conditions mentioned!