Cluster headache

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OUCH Belgium
OUCH Belgium NPO- Patients association

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Devenir membre de OUCH Belgium

Become a member

Become a member

Why become a member of the OUCH Belgium association?

  • Because the main mandate of an association is to defend the interests of its members.
  • OUCH Belgium fully plays this role in Belgium for patients suffering from Cluster Headache.
  • Because the strength of an association is proportional to the number of its members.

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Whatever you choose: You help US, and therefore, you help YOU!

  • A Supporter member is essentially a supporting member of the association.
    Two little extras: you have access to a private attack calendar as well as to the patient's map. It locates each member of the association geographically, which makes local self-help possible! With this choice, those for whom the disease already has a too great impact on their budget can become members of the association.
    An Associate member is a supporting member who makes a greater contribution to the association.
    In addition to the advantages of the Supporter members, this choice also allows to benefit from a reduction of 50% on the shop !
    Attention: your registration as a full member must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.
    Please first submit your written request via our Contact page
    In the form on this page, choose as "Subject": Application for full membership and motivate your application in the text.
    Without prior acceptance of your application, your status as a " full member " will be converted into an " associated member " status.
    A full member benefits from the same advantages as the associated member, but also actively participates in the projects of the association.
    The full members must participate in the general meeting (annually) and the extraordinary general meetings (eventually) or may give a proxy to another full member.
    At these meetings the full members each have one voting right.
    A Contributor member can be someone unrelated to the disease or the association. He or she does not benefit from any advantage.
    It's clearly someone who wants to support us in our actions!
    Thank you in advance!

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Is supposed to have resigned:
– The Full member, Associate member or Supporter member who fails to pay the membership fee due, within one month after the reminder is sent to him/her by post or e-mail.
– The Full member who is not present or not represented at 2 consecutive general meetings without apology.