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L'injection sous-cutanée

Subcutaneous Injection

Subcutaneous Injection of Imitrex

Subcutaneous injection involves delivering a drug solution into the fat layer under the skin.
This is not be confused with an intravenous injection which is delivered into a vein or an intramuscular injection which is delivered into a muscle.

Choice of area for subcutaneous injection

In most adults, regardless of age, BMI (1), gender or ethnicity, the thickness of the skin (epidermis and dermis) is relatively consistent and varies from 1.9 to 2.4mm on average.

Injection sites

However, the thickness of subcutaneous tissue does show slight variations.

Absorption Speed

Absorption Speed

Recommendations for self-injection:

The abdomen, thighs and arms are recommended as regions for subcutaneous injection in adults.

  • For the thigh, athletes should be careful: in the absence of fat, the thigh should be avoided because the muscle is close to the skin. Also, if you are in public, you will have to find a place to undress. Finally, this is the area where absorption is slowest.
  • The arm: this isn’t always easy with clothes on when it’s cold, but it’s a good option.
  • If you choose the abdomen: this is the area with the fastest and most consistent absorption rate. It is also the area which is easiest to access when you are dressed.
    OUCH Belgium recommends the abdomen.

Note :
Change the location for each injection : Injection sites must be at least 1 inch apart.

skin levels

The product should be injected into the hypodermis

L'injection sous-cutanée d'Imitrex

Whichever region you choose, pinch the skin away from the muscle to avoid an intramuscular injection


Fully aware that we very often inject Imitrex in emergency, here is an extarnal sample procedure to follow


(1) BMI: Body Mass Index